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As organizations are migrating their data to the cloud, they should follow strong security measures to ensure the security of the data. The core security objectives of an organization while migrating its workloads to the cloud environment should be Data Security, Compliance, Cost and Scalability


Cloud security is designed and implemented with the help of specific security controls and compliance. There is not much difference between the security controls implemented in the cloud and the traditional IT environment. The compliance requirements in traditional environments should also be followed in cloud environments. As a cloud environment follows a shared responsibility model, it is the responsibility of the user and also the cloud service provider to ensure security and compliance requirements.

However, cloud data storage possesses some other security concerns when compared with traditional IT environments. A significant concern with cloud environments is the security of critical data. The data stored in the cloud is dispersed geographically into different locations. The cloud service provider provides the physical security of the data, whereas the organization can implement only the logical security measures to protect their data based on the shared responsibility model. Also, there are risks due to the models employed, operation models, and the technology used to enable the cloud service.

Our security team is equipped to assist health service clients with HIPPA and HiTrust compliance. In conjunction, we can collaborate with our strategic partner MDland to deliver hosted EMR software through the use of leading EMR software solutions. Noviant can provide MSSP and Cloud solutions on both data and voice networks for businesses in the healthcare sector. On top of this, we assist with the storage and backup of files and information, identifying and providing the required software and hardware. These improvements will help increase productivity, communication, and security.

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