Our security team is equipped to assist health service clients with HIPPA and HiTrust compliance.


Health services is the collection of many fields of study and is composed into one holistic being, becoming the figurative backbone of society. One such field of study is “Information Technology”, an increasingly crucial factor within the realm of health services, and has a great amount of challenges to match its importance. One such challenge, which is faced by all, is protecting the integrity and security of the high volume of confidential information in circulation with countless individuals requiring access each day. Similarly, when it comes to information within the medical industry, one challenge is the maintenance of Electronic Medical Records(EMR), information security, and network integration and having them operate simultaneously. Another challenge that individuals working in IT face is the large amount of storage required to keep records and other files on hand. This can be devastating for businesses that are ill equipped. As one can imagine, overcoming these challenges can become a herculean task, but with discipline and regulatory compliance, adherence to regulations and guidelines, Information Technology thrives and takes health services to greater heights. 

The solution to the aforementioned challenges is to be well equipped and prepared for any and all complications that may rise. Our security team is equipped to assist health service clients with the HIPAA and HiTrust compliance. We collaborate with our strategic partner MDland to deliver hosted EMR software through the use of leading EMR software solutions. We also work in conjunction with AABGM to provide MSSP and Cloud solutions on both data and voice networks for healthcare sector businesses. Furthermore we assist clients with the storage and backup of files and information, identifying and providing the required software and hardware. As such, our assistance can lead to an increase in productivity, communication and security for our clients.

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