State, Local and Education agencies have unique budget, schedule, processes and procurement requirements. Government agencies have a longer payment cycle. They have their own fiscal year schedules and spending patterns. Their RFPs may require unique capabilities and special requirements. Most agencies has goals to reflect the objective to obtain a “fair share” of its needs from small, minority and women-owned businesses and to comply with Executive Law Article 15-A, Economic Development Law Article 4-A and 5NYCRR Parts 140-144, Rules and Regulations of the Minority and Women’s Business Development Program.

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We partner with the leading technology OEMs to deliver integrated solutions (frequently using multiple OEM products) which are customized to achieve the business outcomes our clients demand. We provide products and services solutions for Data Center, Security, Collaboration, Server/Desktop Virtualization, Managed IOT. We work with OEM manufacturers and distributors to obtain affordable products pricing. We have decades of leadership experience in Information Technology – with deep expertise in both Data Center/Networking markets as well as a passion for collaboration technologies (especially creating innovative Contact Center solutions). We deliver superior consultative services at each stage of our engagement with our clients to achieve their desired outcomes. We are MWBE certified. SLED agencies that needs to comply with the Minority and Women’s Business Development Program for procuring products and services will be able to meet the requirement by doing business with us. We also partner with the Prime contractors who support large SLED agencies so the agencies can satisfy Women’s Business Development Program requirements.


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