Within the financial service industry, businesses must move quickly and efficiently and have almost no margin of error. In this case, financial service providers must have quick response times and avoid any and all redundancy within their work. Superior client communication and redundancy are two of the most significant challenges our financial services clients face.

Our Solution

In every service package we offer to our financial customers, we ensure we reduce redundancy within every possible point of failures such as switches, routers, server, storages, and internet connections. Everything is dual within our hardware specs including dual power supplies for every piece of hardware, dual/cross connection for all critical connections, nearly real-time replication of data to offsite personal to ensure no data loss will happen. Furthermore, we ensure a disaster recovery plan is in place and tested and a DR drill is conducted once a year at minimum. As for response time, Noviant’s team deeply understands the importance of fast-paced services for our financial customers when there is an issue. As such, we designed an SLA specifically for our financial customers, such as a 30 minute response time for critical issues remotely, and 60 minutes onsite if necessary. Our unparalleled response times have been recognized and commended by many of our financial clients in the past.


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